Need Cash Fast? Payday Loans to the Rescue!?

We give cash on hand - proclaim advertising para-banking institutions. If, however, you have to pay for this speed? Is it worth it to take a quick loan for 300 percent or more if you can without getting up from your desk to take a quick loan in the bank at 10%?

Sudden illness requiring expensive treatment, failure car or household appliances - life happens many unexpected situations that make an express need of cash. Many Poles decide to borrow the money for the non-bank market, guided by the conviction that there can only acquire the necessary funds on hand, without unnecessary formalities. The problem is that usually the same speed you have to pay dearly. But you can easily avoid these costs by selecting cheap bank credit. But not everyone knows that banks offer loans online that are just as fast in getting, but it's definitely cheaper than those from the offer loan companies.

On the Polish market of express loans available through the Internet is dominated by the so-called. chwilówki. These are mainly micro-loans, usually with a height of 50 to 4 000 , usually granted for a period of 7 to 60 days. Characteristic for such loans is their easy availability. In order to reduce maintenance costs and the desire to reach the widest possible audience chwilówki usually are offered via electronic channel. Just register on the Web site of the company's lending and in a few moments you can submit a complete application for a loan using the form available on the site. Conclusion of an agreement with the rule also does not require complicated formalities. Often just 15 minutes to the money found in the account of the borrower. Unfortunately, the good news to end, when we move to issues related to the cost of repayment.

Chwilówki carry a very high risk for lenders. They lend to almost anyone who is not on the black list of debtors, without rigorous analysis of the economic situation of applicants. It is turning a blind eye on the finances of borrowers is in turn compensated by extremely high charges for giving and service chwilówek. According to the calculations of the Consumer Federation (contained in the report "chwilówki 2015"), the cost of the fee for grant rapid loan even 40% of the amount borrowed. It is worth noting that the interest alone on the debt are quite marginal - their average value is 258.86 zł for every borrowed 1000 zł (ie 26%). Do not forget about the cost of any insurance offered to pay up to 20% of the amount paid to the borrower. Real earnings loan companies, however, reach the so-called. roll over loans, or prolongowaniu (postponement) of the original repayment period. In some cases, this fee can be approached even to the amount of borrowed capital.

All these costs make the APRC chwilówek (ie, the actual annual interest rate) reaches up to several hundred (nay, it happens, that and a few thousand) per cent per annum. Is it really worth so much overpay, borrow money instantly? Fortunately, consumers are looking for a way to fast podreperowanie state of its portfolio already have an alternative.

Banks conquering the online lending

Poles are increasingly using the internet and mobile banking. According to research by TNS Poland, 21% of smartphone owners in our country uses the telephone to conduct banking operations, and in the third quarter of 2015, the number of mobile banking users has exceeded 5 million people. No wonder that banks are increasingly willing to invest in the development of electronic service channels, offering using them more and more financial products, including credit. This, in turn, great news for those people who want to without leaving the house to borrow money quickly, conveniently, and most of all - at a reasonable price. Here are a few examples that the Internet can borrow quickly and without usury.