Monthly Archives: September 2020

What is a no credit check car loan?

Typically, when applying for a loan, the potential lender will perform a credit check (sometimes called a credit inquiry) on the borrower. A loan without a credit check is a viable alternative to traditional financing for those who are looking for a loan but know that their credit history will …

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Dealer or private party: car loans for bad credit

Deciding whether or not to go with a dealership or private seller could be largely dependent on your credit score and the type of lender you are qualified to work with. Direct auto loan vs cash sale If you want to get a vehicle from a private individual, you either …

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Online loans hold up better than expected

For several years, the online lending industry has faced doubts about its ability to withstand a period of high unemployment. But during the pandemic-induced downturn, credit quality held up better than expected. The latest evidence: Data showing that the percentage of borrowers who made their regularly scheduled loan payments continued …

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