Accountant: no paper on Dargani’s cash advance for the car


MANILA – A troubled Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corp. accountant on Thursday denied seeing a document proving an officer actually obtained cash advances for a luxury car after securing billions of dollars in deals. pandemic procurement with government.

Blue Ribbon Senate Committee Chairman Richard Gordon said Mohit Dargani, secretary and treasurer of Pharmally, borrowed money from the company to buy a luxury car for his sister Twinkle, president of the company.

But the outsourced accountant, Jeff Mariano, said he had not seen any documents reflecting such transactions.

Being an outsourced accountant means that he only records transactions based on the documents presented. He stressed, however, that he is familiar with the audited financial statements of the firm.

“Wala po akong nakitang car-related cash advances, ‘yun po’ yung ibig kong sabihin,” Mariano explained.

(I haven’t seen any car-related cash advances. That’s what I mean)

Earlier, Mariano said he was “not sure” of the details as the books are in Pharmally’s office. That’s why Gordon made it clear that what he said was true.

“Sinabi mo na ‘wala akong nakita kanina’,” said the lawmaker.

(You said earlier that you haven’t seen any.)

To which the accountant replied: “Regarding the car po, parang wala po akong maalalang advance of funds”.

(I don’t remember any cash advances)

Pressed further if he even checked where the money could have been used, Mariano said he was only hired to record transactions.

“We are not obligated to inquire with management, we rely only on the veracity and veracity of his mga pag-ano po ‘yung commitment nila (of their engagement),” he said.

In previous Senate hearings, external accountant Iluminada Sebial, the person who signed the transactions, said she was also hired to do the same and was only paid P4,000.

The Darganis were absent from today’s hearings, even though they have a contempt order for refusing to submit crucial documents that would show their dealings.

Dargani said on October 5 that he asked the Pharmally board of directors if they could get the money for the car “verbally”.

“I asked the board if I can, yes … it’s a verbal agreement,” Mohit said.

Land Transportation Office (LTO) records showed that Twinkle had a 2021 Lamborghini Urus registered under his name in December 2020, about 9 months since their first transaction with the procurement department of the Ministry of Budget and Management (PS-DBM ).

This vehicle is worth P25 million.

Five months later, Mohit registered a 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S in his name. The car costs 8.5 million pesos.

When asked by senators if he had even seen a dividend among shareholders for Mohit’s supposed cash advance, Mariano said he had seen none last year and this year.

“Based on po, if memory serves, po parang wala pa pong (there are no) dividends,” he said, noting that they record Pharmally’s transactions every month.

“If memory serves, po parang wala pang dividends,” he repeated.

The Senate committee is investigating Pharmally after records showed that the budget department’s purchasing department awarded billions of pesos in government contracts to the company, which had less than one million pesos in paid-up capital.

The government denies there was any overvaluation and said the deals were flawless.

The panel has so far recommended the filing of various charges against Pharmally executives, Chinese businessman and former presidential economic adviser Michael Yang, and former Budget Undersecretary Christopher Lao, among others, in due to the allegedly abnormal transactions.



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