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The purchase of a new car often becomes indispensable in everyday life but represents a significant cost. Cash in the loan pool can be a financing solution.


Acquire a new car

car loan

The purchase of a new car often becomes indispensable in everyday life, whether to go to work, to drive your children to school or to travel. This acquisition nevertheless represents a significant cost. It is therefore essential to take the time to identify your needs and according to your needs, to make inquiries to make the right choice for your situation.

What type of car to choose? Electric car, gasoline, diesel? Utility, family or luxury? New or used? Your need, your desires and your budget will define your choice. Then, you will be able to ask in your purchase of credits, the amount of cash needed to buy your new car.

How to go about choosing a car?


Define your need: what will be the future use of my car?

Define your need: what will be the future use of my car?

In the first place, you will have to ask what you are looking for with this new vehicle, taking into account your current situation.

  • Do you drive in town and rarely drive long distances? You can choose a car called “city car” because it is suitable for city traffic: small, this type of model is convenient for parking and can simultaneously receive up to 5 people in the cabin.
  • You will use your future vehicle for long journeys? Choose a compact, off-road or sedan car instead. Comfortable cars adapted to long distances.
  • Compact cars, sedans or off-road, have the advantage of adapting to various types of traffic and roads.
  • Are you a parent of a large family and often take the road with your children? MPVs, wagon or “family” will probably be the type of vehicle that will suit you best because they are spacious vehicles suitable for large families.
  • Do you live in the city and go on a regular trip? A utility can be the right compromise because you will have the place to put your skis or a tent for example. The space dedicated to the safe is to be taken into account.

There are as many car models as there are needs expressed. That is why it is essential to start by identifying all of its needs and then learn about the different models of existing cars.

Vehicle options:

Be careful of the choice of options as they affect the comfort and the final price of the vehicle. The addition of options is paying. Number of doors, air conditioning, power windows, ABS, spare wheel, alarm, car radio, calculation radar, cruise control and speed limiter, voice control, integrated GPS, sunroof, color, type of wheels, etc. Whether for safety, comfort or aesthetics, many options are integrable.

Set a price range:

After defining your need, do not forget to give yourself a price range depending on your situation. Your needs added to your financial limit will guide you during your research.


Combine needs, desires and balanced budgets: can I take this type of car?

Combine needs, desires and balanced budgets: can I take this type of car?

For your final choice, it will be necessary to find the balance between your needs of departure, your desires and your budget. Your choice can be guided by desires and strong convictions: thoughtful purchase in accordance with environmental values ​​(electric or hybrid car), willingness to consume French (French brand car), desire to choose according to his aesthetic preferences (color, shape) , comfort (options, materials), according to his passion (tuning, vintage car) or according to his dreams (luxury car, convertible).


Inquire: Which car is what I am looking for?

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Once you have identified all of your needs and desires, you can start looking for information, on the internet and then moving to professionals and or dealers.

Learn about him:

The Internet is a wealth of information that will allow you to quickly get an idea of ​​the prices and types of models that match your needs and compare. You will find many information on specialized sites, such as lacentrale.fr, the argus.fr for example. In addition, specialized magazines and books dedicated to the car are also good additional information. This research will help you build a first vehicle selection.

Get advice from professionals:

You can then move into small garages or dealers to get advice from the sellers and test the cars you have retained on the internet. You will be able to see, touch and try them.

Arriving in a garage or dealership having taken the time to learn upstream about what you want is really beneficial. This will allow you to exchange more easily with him on technical points. Do not hesitate to compare and compete for sometimes interesting offers (discounts, options, etc.). The budget of a car is therefore, sellers want you to buy the vehicle in their company and will make efforts to keep you as a customer.

After obtaining as much information about the car you are considering and after testing it, you can compare the offers again and make a final choice. Beware of scams and offers too enticing. If the advertised price is very low compared to the market, if the seller requires a bank transfer or down payment and is in a hurry, beware and inquire of professionals.

New or used car?

Are you hesitating between a new or used car? Not always easy to decide. The new offers the advantage of recovering a vehicle in very good condition, which has no history so no hidden defect, which remains under warranty for a set period of time and can be resold more easily because spent in a only hand. The main advantage being the reliability, and the disadvantage, its high price.

The undeniable advantage of the occasion lies in its purchase price and in its insurance rate, which are much cheaper than for new vehicles. Nevertheless, buying a used car involves a past that the new one does not have. It is very important to learn about the history of the vehicle to avoid discovering hidden defects. Think about asking the right questions (number of owners, location and type of driving, etc.). In the end, between the new and the opportunity, often the choice will depend on the budget.

Individuals or professionals: who to buy?

When you do not really know anything about cars, it is better to avoid scams by going through industry professionals. Buying a car in a garage or a dealership has several advantages: car under warranty, payment facilities, security if litigation and in case of second-hand purchase, general condition of the vehicle checked, repairs made and recovery of the old vehicle. However, you probably will not find the exact model with the desired options at a dealership. If you are looking for a particular model, you will find it more easily with individuals, but you will have no security in case of problems after the purchase.


Define your need for cash: how much money do I need to buy my car?

Define your need for cash: how much money do I need to buy my car?

When you have made your choice of car, you can ask for specific quotes to dealers, garages or websites. Be careful to include in your total budget the price of the vehicle and all options. Remember to also consider the type of fuel as this will be part of your regular budget after purchase. Your expenses will not be the same if you choose a car running on gasoline, diesel, electric (price of refills but no fuel costs) or electric + gasoline.

In the same way, do not forget to foresee the approximate price of the insurance because it is obligatory, but it varies according to the type of car. The more powerful and valuable a car is, the more expensive the insurance. To calculate the total budget for your vehicle purchase, consider taking into account the price of the car and the options and the cost of fuel and insurance.


Take action, buy your car: how to buy my car?

car loan

You know what car you want to buy and have an idea of ​​how much you need to become the proud owner? You can now apply for a loan consolidation that includes the amount of cash you need to buy your car. To do this, you must complete the online simulation form and include the amount of cash you wish to obtain based on the estimated budget you have estimated. When you buy your vehicle, do not wait to insure it.

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