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To get a cheap car loan, compare and select offers from banks and credit organizations online. For this you need to enter the amount to finance, the duration and the age of the car (new or used) to compare the rates in one click! By seeing the offer you will get a personalized offer with an immediate agreement in principle online and without commitment. for an assessment

Compare to buy a cheaper car loan.

Compare to buy a cheaper car loan.

Whether you’re buying a car from a dealership or talking to an individual, the best advice for financing is to use online comparisons to immediately identify the best deals on the market for your car loan. cheap at the best rate. Please note that garages sometimes offer additional guarantees if you buy the car loan from their organization, pay attention to the exact content of the warranty (limited to the engine, box, deck …) and including the obligation to maintain and repairs in this garage, you will have no choice! …

The advantage of taking out auto credit in an independent credit institution is that you are not tied to your bank or the garage that sold you the car. Be aware that some of the above organizations offer mechanical breakdown warranties, assistance and warranty value purchase or new included in their offer or surcharge.

On the other hand, think that your seller will certainly ask you for a bank check. A bank check is often billed by most banks while auto credit agencies offer you this option for free.

Be aware that if you want to go out of the traditional banking framework you also have the possibility to subscribe a car loan Loan Union between individuals that you can find in our comparator above.

You will also find in detail the car loan offers of our comparator in our auto loan section.

How to get a cheap car loan at the best rate?

How to get a cheap car loan at the best rate?

We have selected for you the best offers of financing organizations, taking into account discounted car loan rates and discount offers, according to the APR (annualized Total Effective Rate) excluding optional insurance so as to allow you to find and subscribe your cheap car loan at the best rate. Enjoy it, it’s free and without obligation!

To know the cheapest car credit, just compare the APR. In fact, the APR is a calculated rate that takes into account the interests of the car loan as well as ancillary costs. Since the last law passed in 2011 on consumer credit, Lagarde law, the communication of the APR is mandatory on any credit offer.

However, the comparison of the APR does not exempt you from checking other parameters such as:

  • the nominal rate is the base rate used to calculate the monthly payment;
  • repayment monthly, it is used to check that your debt ratio does not exceed the maximum allowed of 33%, however know that this limit is not exclusive, it may vary depending on your situation (income, expenses and wealth);
  • the total cost of credit (this is a parameter to take into account from the moment you do not plan to prepay before the end of the loan agreement);
  • prepayment penalties;
  • credit insurance in case you wish to be insured as a borrower (death, disability, loss of employment, incapacity for work);
  • the flexibility of repayment with the possibility of increasing, reducing or suspending monthly payments.

You will find a list of the best rates in the section Best Auto Credit Rate.

Do not hesitate to consult our guide credit auto.

Who can take out a car loan?

Who can take out a car loan?

Beyond the financial conditions required to obtain a car loan from a bank or a credit institution, there are legal constraints related to the ability to subscribe your credit, it is necessary:

  • be of age (over 18)
  • not be under guardianship or curatorship, in this case it is the guardian or the curator who has the capacity of decision;
  • not be banned (following an unpaid check, for example);
  • not be registered on the FICP file (Personal Credit Incident File);
  • have a bank account (for funding agencies);
  • justify a home (owner, tenant or lodger).

Regarding the financial conditions for obtaining a financing agreement, it is mainly necessary to:

  • have regular income and can justify it (tax notice, pay slip, balance sheet, ..). Know that some of our credit organizations (above) agree to lend with a fixed-term contract (CDD) or temporary employment.
  • having a debt ratio in the norms (33%), plus it is also possible according to your rest to live and your incomes.

Choose also the cheapest car insurance:

Before you buy your new or used car, also save money on your car insurance, compare the best contracts of our selection with our comparator auto insurance.

(*) The rates for the auto loans presented are fixed APR, they are indicative and correspond to the applicable minimum rates that may change after the analysis of your application for financing.

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