From home and auto loans to investing: how you can benefit from going green

Q: I’m trying to be more environmentally conscious. I bring my own bag to the grocery store and use reusable containers for takeout. What else can I do to live more sustainably?

A: It’s fantastic that you are actively doing your part for the environment. We shouldn’t underestimate the impact we can have if we all take small steps to live more sustainably.

One green practice you can adopt with your finances is to always ask yourself if something is a need or a want. Reducing purchases we don’t really need can reduce unnecessary waste and, as a bonus, help us save more in today’s rising cost of living.

Of course, many of our expenses are unavoidable. When shopping, consider buying from green merchants. We try to help consumers make more conscious choices by offering deals through the UOB EVOL credit card with sustainable merchants, ranging from foodservice and fashion to home furnishing companies.

We can also make a difference where we live. For example, the EVOL card offers discounts and offers on green energy plans. If you’re considering buying a new home, consider one with a BCA Green Mark certification, which means its design and operations are certified as more environmentally friendly.

Our UOB Go Green Home Loan offers incentives for choosing such homes. Our U-Solar program also makes it easier for you to switch to solar power, so you can reduce your carbon footprint and save on utility costs at the same time.

Sustainability starts with our daily choices. Every little gesture counts.

Q: I need a car to drive my young children and parents, and am considering an electric vehicle (EV). But the current Certificate of Entitlement (COE) costs are so high. Any tips for owning a car without breaking the bank?

A: COE prices have been at record highs lately, but if you need a car, there are plenty of ways to own an electric vehicle to help you save money.

In recent years, the government has reduced road tax for electric vehicles, while introducing programs offering rebates and cost savings to owners of electric vehicles. As Singapore aims to phase out petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040, we are likely to see other future programs designed to make electric vehicle ownership more affordable and convenient.

To help EV owners save even more, our UOB Go Green car loan offers promotional interest rates and three months of free charging. On top of that, you receive three Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). RECs represent energy produced from renewable sources, which means you can help support the development of renewable energy projects with your loan.

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