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You will have noticed if you used our site we compare the personal loans, but not the mortgages. Apply for a mortgage at Jennybank. Why ? Simply because banks do not offer most mortgage online and the case of each buyer is different which implies different rates for each request for real estate financing.

Jenny Bank has been one of the pioneers of online banking in Belgium for 20 years

While it already offered a wide range of banking services for the saver and the tradesman, the institution did not yet offer a service related to the loan. Providing an online mortgage service was therefore obvious for Jenny Bank, which lost every year many customers forced to compete for a mortgage at an attractive rate.

Because yes, many Belgian banks use the mortgage as a product of appeal to recruit new customers for bank accounts or insurance. If you are an owner, you probably have to spend your accounts and / or your life and fire insurance with the organization where you have taken out your mortgage to benefit from a rate reduction.

Keyhome: a simple and 100% online.

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You can now in a few clicks on the website Jennybank.com, apply for your mortgage. After indicating whether you want to buy, build, renovate or refinance a home, you will have to enter various information about your family situation and your income.

For now, with a low market, Jenny Bank offers only a fixed rate credit, the variable rate will be for later, when the rates will have climbed. In the meantime, you will immediately receive a 15-day fixed rate offer, which you can choose to accept or not. For maximum economy, we always advise you to compare several credit offers.

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